Automated Nucleic Acid Isolation Fulfilling Biobanking Needs

Biobanking applications, biospecimen repositories and Mircrobiome research projects are facing demanding and diverse sample materials like whole blood, FFPE-tissue to feces-material in all kind of sample volumes and conditions. To fulfill the needs of sensitive genetic research applications such as whole genome sequencing, real time/digital PCR, and methylation analysis etc., the extraction of high quality and high yield nucleic acids is an essential initial step, especially when it comes to long-term storage of the extracted DNA/RNA samples as required in Biobanking.

PerkinElmer offers the perfect solutions for this challenge by providing

  • Automated Nucleic Acid Isolation, highly flexible in sample volume (10 µl - 10 ml), sample material and throughput
  • Huge variety of processable sample materials (blood, buffy coat, saliva, tissue, feces, etc.)
  • Maximum yields and best purities (up to 50 µg DNA/ml blood; OD260/280 1.9; OD260/230 >2.0)
  • Long term stable nucleic acids

Biobanking Workflow

Your Tool for DNA/RNA Isolation Workflows in Biobanking

Based on your automation needs PerkinElmer offers full workflow solutions covering high throughput DNA/RNA isolation, liquid handling robotics, Nucleic Acid quality control and analysis, optimized for Biobanking and Biorepository demands. All from a single-source PerkinElmer delivers Biobanking application support from DNA to Data.

Next Generation Sequencing Workflow

chemagic™ 360 Nucleic Acid Extractor

Key features

  • Sample volumes from 10 µl - 10 ml
  • High throughput
  • LIMS compatible
  • Bar code reading


  • Ready to use DNA/RNA – up to 50 µg DNA/ml blood
  • Compact benchtop design
  • Integrates with Liquid Handling Systems

chemagic 360i Nucleic Acid Extractor integrated in a PerkinElmer Liquid Handling Workstation

Automation solutions

  • High throughput primary sample transfer and DNA/RNA Isolation
  • Normalization, PCR setup applications, eluate transfer into storage formats as optional add-on
  • Numerous sample tube and plate formats for primary sample input and eluate output
  • Barcode sample and eluate tracking for seamless integration to LIMS systems, sample security and storage solutions


Technical Note Biobank DNA/RNA Isolation
Product Note chemagic 360 instrument

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