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  • Key player in the field of automated nucleic acid isolation 
  • Vast experience in the fields of Human Genetics, HLA Typing, Blood Banking and Pathogen Detection
  • High throughput purification of genomic DNA, RNA, or viral DNA/RNA
  • Founded in 1997
  • Acquired by PerkinElmer, Inc. in 2011

PerkinElmer chemagen Technology

PerkinElmer chemagen is a key player in the field of automated nucleic acid isolation with a vast experience in the fields of Human Genetics, HLA Typing, Blood Banking and Pathogen Detection. The purification of genomic DNA, RNA, or viral DNA/RNA is facilitated through chemagen's proprietary M-PVA Magnetic Bead technology in combination with chemagen’s high performance instrument — the chemagic 360. It enables the automated separation of nucleic acids from sample volumes between 10 µl and 10 ml. Due to its modular setup, the chemagic 360 instrument is a highly flexible NA extraction system which enables high throughput as well as large volume applications. Several kits for the isolation of nucleic acids from various clinical sample materials are available such as blood, serum/plasma, tissue, saliva, buccal swabs, amniotic fluid or feces. With the chemagic Prepito instrument, chemagen offers a benchtop walk-away instrument relying upon the proven separation technology integrated in the chemagic 360 instrument. NA isolation is possible from up to 1000 µl sample material and 1 – 12 samples in parallel. 

PerkinElmer chemagen is located at the International Technology & Service (ITS) center in Baesweiler, ca. 25 min northeast of the city of Aachen.

chemagen was founded in December 1997. The company's scientific foundations were laid at the Rheinisch-Westfälisch-Technische-Hochschule Aachen, (RWTH, Technical University of Aachen). There, the concept of the separation of complex mixtures with novel magnetic beads was developed into an applicable product. In July 2009, chemagen founded a United States subsidiary. In February 2011 PerkinElmerInc. acquired chemagen as part of the Company’s strategy to advance its offerings to the molecular diagnostics and research markets.

Managing Director
Dr. Lothar à Brassard


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