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For more information on cfDNA extraction in NGS workflows, please download our poster „Extraction of Cell-Free DNA and Subsequent Preparation of NGS Libraries in a High-Throughput, Cost-Effective Manner”.

Schema of nucleosome organization. Stryer, Lubert (1995).
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High Yield Cell Free DNA from 2 - 5 ml Plasma Samples

Tests related to cfDNA usually result in wide-ranging decision processes, therefore the use of cfDNA in molecular biologyresearch requires a reliable isolation of cfDNA as one of the initial steps.

Cell free DNA containing sample material (plasma) is precious and cannot be easily obtained a second time without huge efforts. The challenges related to cfDNA isolation: Small fragments (difficult to isolate), a low and variable concentration in the plasma (requiring an almost total isolation of the fraction) in combination with demanding downstream applications, make it absolutely necessary to use as much starting material (plasma) as possible for the isolation. A high starting volume in combination with an optimal isolation method is the best approach to ensure reliable results and to minimize recall rates.

PerkinElmer offers the perfect solutions for this challenge by providing

  • High cfDNA yields and concentration through processing of high initial plasma sample volume of 2 - 5 ml per reaction
  • Max. cfDNA concentration achieved by low elution volume (60 - 150 µl)
  • Efficient recovery of high quality cfDNA – up to 5 ng cfDNA/ml plasma
  • Fast processing times – 24 samples of 2 - 5 ml sample vol. in 120 min
  • cfDNA suitable for quality-demanding downstream applications: real time/digital PCR, methylation analysis, array technologies, NGS workflows

Order Information and Kit Performance

Other solutions available for

  • Different sample volumes  up to 10 ml cfDNA
  • Blood, saliva, feces, FFPE, fresh tissue
  • Total RNA isolation

Your Tools for Automated cfDNA Isolation

chemagic 360 Nucleic Acid Extractor

Based on PerkinElmer patented magnetic bead technology the chemagicTM 360 research instrument represents the ideal solution for cfDNA isolation from 2 - 5 ml plasma samples, in research market segments including but not limited to genetic testing and molecular biology workflows.

Key features

  • Sample volumes from 200 µl - 5 ml
  • High throughput, 1 - 24 samples / run
  • Bar code reading / sample tracking
  • LIMS compatible log files
  • Integrates with liquid handling platforms




Product Note chemagic 360 instrument
Automated Cell Free DNA Isolation from 2 - 5 ml of Plasma Samples
Extraction of cfDNA and Subsequent Preparation of NGS Libraries

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